4 Abandoned Castles That Give Us A Glimpse Into The Past

Ancient architecture is a fascinating glimpse into the past, into what feels like a fairytale world. While we don’t need castles with towers and moats anymore, it’s still interesting to see how our ancestors lived. Some castles are still maintained as tourist attractions, but others have just been abandoned and left… Like these five incredible abandoned castles!

Castle Stalker, Scotland

This may be a small castle, but it’s certainly breathtaking. Located on a tiny island off the coast of Scotland, Castle Stalker is thought to have once belonged to the infamous MacDougall family, before changing hands countless times. It’s now privately-owned and open to visitors a few times a year.

Spiš Castle, Slovakia

This is certainly a lot larger than Castle Stalker! It is also completely different from how it first looked, as every time someone else has taken it over they’ve changed the style. In 1993, Spiš Castle was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site and now tourists from all over the world can come and visit.

Château De La Mothe-Chandeniers, France

This is one of the most beautiful abandoned castles in France, if not the world! With a huge moat that surrounds it, it’s an excellent glimpse into a time gone by. Unfortunately, much of the castle was destroyed in a castle back in 1932 and a crowdfunding campaign to rebuild it means that around 7,400 people actually own it now!

Predjama Castle, Slovenia

There are castles and then there are cave castles! Thought to be one of the biggest castles built into a cave, this is a beautiful piece of architecture with a violent history. If you want to learn all about the rumors and legends, you can visit some of the still-open parts of the fortress in Slovenia.

These abandoned castles are filled with history and reminders of days gone by. Are you brave enough to visit them, though?