The Legend of the Phoenix

Phoenix represents rebirth, particularly of the sun, and has several names across European, Asian, Egyptian, and Central American cultures. If you have watched Harry Potter movies, you saw the incredible power of the Phoenix, such as when it went up in a flame and came back to life.

The Legend of the Phoenix

What is A Phoenix?

The stories of the Phoenix are legendaries, just like other well-known ancient myths of the modern-day. The tale is famous because of its elements concern life, death, destruction, and creation.

The Phoenix is a majestic bird that lived in paradise. Like other creatures that stay there, it is said to live a great life. A paradise is a place of indescribable beauty and perfection that exists beyond the brilliant sun. After some time, the bird started feeling the effects of its age, and after 1,000 years, it was ready to live elsewhere.

The Rebirth of the Phoenix

The Legend of the Phoenix

Since the Phoenix lived in paradise, it couldn’t indeed die. Therefore, for it to be reborn, it had to fly into the mortal world. It flew west to the spice groves in Arabia and stopped there to gather the finest herbs (especially cinnamon). The bird continued its journey to Phoenicia and made a nest from the spices and herbs it collected.

The next morning, the Phoenix sang beautiful memories to entice the sun god. When it finished singing, the sun god rode its chariots to continue his journey across the sky. It caused a spark to fall from the sky and ignite the nest of spices and herbs and the Phoenix into flames. Only a worm was left.

While anybody would have imagined that it was the end of the cycle, the new Phoenix rose from the ashes after three days. It started a new period of 1,000 years and flew back to paradise with the remaining ashes.

Alternative versions of the Phoenix

The Legend of the Phoenix

There is one where, rather than flying to Phoenicia to end its cycle, the Phoenix flew to Heliopolis. It was there that it gave itself to the fires of the Sun City. From these fires, it rose and flew back to paradise.

Another version goes that on reaching Phoenicia, the Phoenix dies with the rising sun the following morning. Its body starts decomposing for three days. When the bird’s body is almost completing decomposition, it emerges from the remains.

What Does The Phoenix Look Like?

The Phoenix is described as the most perfect and beautiful creatures to have ever lived. It is also associated with paradise, where everything is ideal. Many accounts describe the bird as being yellow or red. In Greek mythology, it is associated with purple, probably because of Phoenicia. Some reports describe its eyes as being like two shinning sapphires. Others say that the eyes of the Phoenix are brilliant yellow. All accounts of the Phoenix emphasize on the creature’s size, which might have been instigated by a giant bird species.

Significance of the Legend of Phoenix to Personal Transformation

The Legend of the Phoenix

While nobody knows whether the story of the Phoenix happened, we can pick a lesson or two. There comes a moment when we must allow a part of us to die. We cannot hold on to the old ways of being and thinking. While changing seems confusing, it is imminent. We should embrace the transformational process courageously so that a new wiser and stronger version of us is born.