The Secrets of the Maya Civilization

The Mayan’s are one of history’s most thriving and brilliant civilizations.

The Secrets of the Mayans

The Mayan empire was based on the tropical lowland that is present-day Guatemala. They hit their power and terms of influence in the 6th century. Mayans were known for their symbolic artwork, agriculture, hieroglyphics, fantastic architecture, pottery, and creation of calendars.

After decades of research by dedicated scientists, the ancient ruins of Central America and Mexico are now showing new insights into this pre-Colombia civilization.

The Maya Are Still in Existence

Just like the fall of the Roman Empire didn’t mark the end of the Romans, so did the collapse of the Maya kingdom not mark the end of the Mayans. About 40 percent of Guatemala’s 14 million-population is composed of The Maya.

The Secrets of the Mayans

Not only have they managed to endure five centuries after the Spanish conquest, but they continue to carry out their traditions, celebratory festivals, and agrarian lifestyles. There are over 20 distinct Maya sub-tribes, each with their language, culture, and dressing style.

The Prehistoric Royal Struggle

Some archeologists unveiled this 1500-year old stone under a Mayan temple in Guatemala in 2013. The memorial is believed to have been created in AD 564. It displays a royal war between two dynasties that lasted for seven years.

The Secrets of the Mayans

After studying the inscriptions, the scientists discovered that the monument was made in honor of a Maya king known as Chak Took, whose death caused a political turmoil. The statue helped to disclose the names of the Maya kings.

The Maya Don’t Believe in “the End of the World”

While apocalyptic movies suggest that end times are nearing, the Maya don’t trust this to be true. The Mayans celebrate the beginning of the next 5,125-year cycle of the calendar just like we celebrate a new millennium.

The Secrets of the Mayans

However, for them, they believe that a new era will usher in an age of greater peace, enhanced understanding amongst everyone on the planet, and a higher consciousness too.

The Life Force Ceremony

The Mayans believed that everybody possessed a life force, which they thought was a source of nourishment for the gods. It was not until a few years back that it was discovered that the Maya conducted a rite to celebrate this life. The ritual was gruesome.

The Secrets of the Mayans

The master of the ceremony would use an arrowhead made of volcanic glass to pierce a person’s genitals, earlobes, or tongue to allow the blood to spill out. They believed that they were feeding the gods with this vital life force. While the ordeal was painful and brutal, the participants were likely volunteers, and they may have survived the experience.