A British Supermarket Successfully Sent a Chicken Nugget to Space

While many strange things have been sent up to space, from cookie dough to toilets worth millions of dollars, this is the first time fast food found its way to orbit. According to the media, the British supermarket chain Iceland Foods Ltd was able to launch a chicken nugget all the way up to space on October 13. The supermarket did the stunt as a way to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

According to Andrew Staniland, the chain’s trading director, 2020 was a huge year for the Iceland Foods supermarkets, and they wanted to mark the occasion in a special way. He added that this was the best way for the chain to show that their products were indeed out of this world. The company sent a chicken nugget because it was one of its customers’ favorite products.

 “Sent Into Space” Helped Get the Chicken Nugget Out of the Atmosphere

Chicken nugget in spaceIceland Foods teamed up with Sent Into Space to organize the launch and ensure it would be a complete success. The chicken nugget was taken to a predetermined launch site in Wales, where it was tied to a gas-filled weather balloon and released to go to Near Space. It reached an altitude of about 110,000 feet or 20.7 miles, and the media reported it traveled at about 200 mph.

When the nugget was at its highest point into space, the distance was enough to fit around 880,000 chicken nuggets. The nugget made it to Near Space easily and stayed in that area for a while. Scientists refer to Near Space when talking about the space between Earth’s atmosphere and Outer Space. It starts at twelve miles above sea level and ends at around 62 miles.

The Chicken Nugget Floated in Space for About an Hour

The chicken nugget after one hour in space
Once the chicken nugget was in Near Space, it stayed there for about an hour and then started descending back to earth. Its fall had to be slowed down by a parachute, and the landing was also a success. Because the nugget was frozen when it was launched, it showed itself to be indifferent to the very low temperatures of space.