The Best Historical Documentaries on Netflix – Part 1

What better place to be than Netflix during a lazy afternoon or evening binge? If you want to learn as you relax, nothing can beat watching these intriguing history documentaries on Netflix. Whether you are looking for a multi-part series or an hour-long movie, this review has got you covered. In the meantime, pick a bag of chips, sit on your couch, and prepare to be enlightened and entertained with these engrossing historical documentaries.

1. Five Came Back

Laurent Bouzereau,  2017

World war two was everyone’s effort, or at least the whole country’s as narrated by Meryl Streep in this documentary. If you were not around when World war two happened, here is your chance to have a feel of how it went down. In The Five Came Back, five existing directors talk about the impact that the war had on the 20th-century directors.

Five Came Back

Each of the directors in the story volunteered to go to war. The movie gives insight into how Word war two felt from the front row. Find out how the war impacted Frank Capra, William Wyler, John Ford, George Stevens, and John Huston as well as their contribution.

2. Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Werner Herzog, 2010

If you are intrigued by understanding where human beings come from, here is your chance to learn everything. In the cave of forgotten dreams, Werner brings to life one of the oldest pieces of artwork.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

The director gives minimum narration, and most of the time focuses the camera on this monumental cave in southern France. The film unfolds more like an educational movie that you would watch at a historical site or a museum.

3. The Death and Life History of Marsha P. Johnson

David France, 2017

David takes us back to an era where LGTBTQ was illegal, and people had to fight for a change. The documentary features Marsha Johnson, who was a black gay activist. Johnson was in the frontline in fighting for change during the 1969 riots in Stonewall. The riot started when she threw a glass into a mirror and shouted, “I got my civil rights.”

The Death and Life History of Marsha P. Johnson

After spending her life fighting for the LGTBTQ community, her body was found in 1992, floating in a river. Although the police ruled it as suicide, her family and friends feel that it was foul play. So, did Johnson die from suicide, or was she murdered? Discover the facts from this documentary

4. Hitler – A Career

Werner Rieb, 1977

The rise, career, and fall of Hitler is an evergreen story. His actions changed the course of human history considerably. He is responsible for more murders than any other dictator in the world. Hitler-A career takes us back to the 1800s when Hitler was the most powerful man of the time.

Hitler – A Career

When you watch it, you will understand Hitler’s personality, power, and his thoughts. It remains a wonder how one man could convince thousands of people to go against their best interests by manipulating them with false promises.

5. Chuck Norris vs. Communism

Ilinca Călugăreanu, 2015

We all knew Chuck Norris to be a strong man in the ‘80s. However, he has had a hell of a career. From a celebrity to a meme and finally a TED Nugent conservative, he surely deserves a documentary.

Chuck Norris vs. Communism

Americans knew him as a martial arts hero, but the Romanians felt that he would deliver them from the burden of Nicolae Ceausescu’s communist craze. The film features the progress that Romanians made because of getting inspired by Chuck Norris’ movies.