The Best Historical Documentaries on Netflix – Part 2

Continuing our previous list, here are five more movies for you guys to kick back, relax, and get educated with.

1. The Seventies

CNN, 2015

The ‘70s marked significant milestones in human history, and CNN was right to develop the show. The documentary focuses on a decade long of American historical trends. The period was an era of great tension in the United States.

The Seventies

Some of the events that the film displays include the resignation of President Richard Nixon, the aftermath of the Vietnam War, the battle for gender equality, and the development of the Television.  For those who are interested in this part of history, the seventies are sure to give a fascinating glance into this decade.

2. Studio 54

Matt Tyrnauer,  2019

City nightlife in Manhattan during the 70s was filled with glitz, fun and a party house known as Studio 54. The documentary features the rise and fall of one of the biggest clubs in New York City. It also talks about the club’s owners, Ian Schrager, and Steve Rebell.

Studio 54

Although Schrager doesn’t reveal everything regarding the club, you will be happy to learn about how nightlife in the city advanced.

3. Hiroshima

Roger Spottiswoode, Koreyoshi Kurahara, 1995

Decades after the first-ever atomic bomb that not only changed history but also the lives of thousands of the residents, this documentary reveals everything you would have wanted to know about it.


It examines the activities that led to the 1945 bombing as well as the impact. The BBC film gives viewers an insight into how it was like to experience the dreadful event that defined world war two.

4. The Royals

Mark Schwahn, 2015-2018

If you are a loyal follower of the British royal family, here is your chance to understand everything concerning the throne. The documentary gives insight into the family’s cultural phenomenon as well as its history.

The Royals

With the recent birth of a new prince by Prince Harry and Princess Meghan Markle, it seems everyone wants to know everything about this fascinating family.

5. History’s Greatest Hoaxes

Doug Hill, 2007

The “moon landings,” “Hitler’s diaries,” and “The Rosewell alien autopsy are some of the historical events that enthralled the world. So, what if you found out that they were too good to be true? It turns out that some recorded happenings did not take place how they were presented.

History’s Greatest Hoaxes

The History channel uncovers the facts by digging deep into the files, carrying out new interviews, and filming expert opinions. Who created the lies? Why did they do it? Who exposed these hoaxes and what impact did the lies have on historical events?