American Girl Dolls Are Now Part of Many Viral History Memes

American Girl started its line of accessory-toting historical dolls a long time ago and has recently announced the re-release of six of its beloved fictional characters. Last summer, fans of the brand flooded social media with fond memories and shared their plans to buy replacements for their worn-out childhood dolls. Dolls like Addy Walker, who escapes slavery during the Civil War, Kit Kittredge, a cub reporter from the time of the Great Depression, Felicity Merriman, a tomboy from colonial Virginia, and Samantha Parkington, a Victorian girl, are among the beloved dolls.

American Girl Dolls Are Now Part of Many Viral History Memes

The Company Was Blown Away by the Fans’ Amazing Response

According to the PR director at American Girl, Julie Parks, the people at the company were humbled by the opportunity they received from the fans. They had no idea how much they had positively impacted the lives of others, so they wanted to inspire a new generation. So, the company brought back the nostalgia-fueled limelight and its characters, and social media is once again buzzing with interest. This time around, the dolls were the stars of memes describing historical dramas, with many of them bordering on the absurd.

The American Girl Memes Are Known for Their Unique Formula

The American Girl doll memes should have a question asking if anyone has a doll who did something in situations that range from historically significant to obscure and hilarious. Some of the popular memes come with the questions like who was on the Grassy Knoll in Dallas, TX; who survived the Great Molasses Flood of 1919; who went down with the Titanic; who witnessed Pope Gregory IX declare war on cats in 1233; and more. The meme was popularized by several Instagram accounts and featured both modern and historical dolls. Characters wear attire appropriate to the period while standing in front of various backdrops.

The American Girl Memes Are Spreading to More Recent Headlines

The American Girl dolls memes are now also spreading from historical content to more recent headlines like the ones when a container ship blocked the Suez Canal or when actor Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars. Early 2000s nostalgia, pop culture, and paying tribute to artists and productions are all themes that are now taking off with the American Girl doll meme.

It seems meme followers are mainly women between the ages of 18-40, and this could be because American Girl is a very familiar brand to that group of people. That could very well be because of the hilarity and relatability of the characters that they grew up with and in situations more relatable to their problems as an adult in 2022.