A New Bill & Ted Easter Egg Has Been Revealed Decades Later

An Easter egg in the first Bill & Ted movie was apparently hiding out of sight since the film’s initial release in 1989. It was discovered after a new 4K transfer of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was made available to the public and fans saw new details, including an Easter egg that even Alex Winter didn’t know about.

Fans Are Rediscovering the Bill & Ted Movies

A New Bill & Ted Easter Egg Has Been Revealed Decades Later

The Bill & Ted movies star Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter as the main protagonists and span an entire trilogy that was completed with Bill and Ted Face the Music several years ago. Now, with the release of the 4K version of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, fans are rediscovering the original film and finding elements that had been hidden for decades. Apparently, the Great Ones, or the citizens from the future who send George Carlin’s character, Rufus, on a quest to help Bill and Ted, were hovering above a platform that had the Circle K logo on it.

Bill & Ted Met Rufus at a Circle K Store

The Circle K convenience store is a key location in the movie because it is there where Bill and Ted first meet Rufus. So, as the two have a significant impact on the future, that was an Easter egg referencing that the Circle K became important in the future. In the film, Bill and Ted are right outside Circle K when the time-traveling phone booth arrives.

Keanu Reeves says that strange things were afoot at the Circle K, immortalizing the scene and the store that was located in Arizona. The store itself became a landmark in its own right, but the one from the movie actually closed down recently. Apparently, it was the lower video quality of previous versions of the movie that made the reference difficult to see, but the 4K edition made the Circle K logo clear.

Apparently, neither Alex Winter nor the film’s writer Ed Solomon knew about this hidden reference. According to Winter, the Easter egg was probably the work of the film’s production designer Roy Forge Smith. This might actually be the case, especially considering how nobody else seems to have been aware of it.