Patrick Renna Recreates Sweet ‘The Sandlot’ Moments With Son

Baseball has always had a place in Patrick Renna’s life. The former child star Renna is known for playing the hilarious Hamilton ‘Ham’ Porter in the summer baseball classic The Sandlot. The 43-year-old actor recently shared some sweet moments on his Instagram with his son Flynn Maxwell, 4. It is a series of Renna recreating several beloved scenes from The Sandlot with his son.

The Baseball Snap

In the adorable snap, The Sandlot star is seen carrying his little boy on his shoulders. Renna seems to be keeping baseball in the family, as the father-son duo is seen sporting matching baseball hats and jerseys. The actor captioned the post “Call me coach,” indicating his transformation from on-screen baseball player to off-screen baseball coach to his son.

The S’mores Tutorial

Renna often enacts parts of The Sandlot with his little boy. During an interview last August, Renna revealed that he was “passing the torch” to his son Flynn, whom he taught the process of making s’mores. In an Instagram video, he is seen giving little Flynn the same iconic tutorial as Ham from the film. Flynn is seen listening and following his father closely.

The Black Eye

Back in June, Renna recreated another popular scene from the beloved film. In a video clip, he referred to Flynn as ‘Smalls,’ the name of the character played by Tom Guiry in the film who got a black eye while playing baseball with his stepfather. In the video, Renna said that ‘Smalls,’ a.k.a. his 4 years old son got his first black eye while playing baseball, and he instantly knew what to do next. Just like the stepfather did with Smalls, Renna brought a piece of raw steak and slapped it onto Flynn’s face to stop his eye from swelling. As the little boy started laughing, Renna quipped “If you know, you know!”