Most Recently Discovered Nazca Line Pattern Unveils Giant Cat

Nazca Line Pattern Unveils Giant CatArchaeologists have recently found a large cat geoglyph on a hillside in southern Peru. It is the latest of the Nazca Lines – a group of mysterious and gigantic manmade outlines of plants, animals, and mythical figures in the Peruvian desert dating back to Pre-Columbian times – to be discovered.

The cat, which resembles a child’s drawing, was uncovered by archaeologists with the Nazca-Palpa Management Plan. The organization is supported by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture.

The geoglyph was found during the remodeling of a natural viewpoint in Pampa de Nazca. At first, the workers could barely recognize the cat, as natural erosion had almost erased the feline’s outline. It took specialists a week of conservation work to restore the geoglyph, which according to archaeologists was created somewhere between 200 BC and 100 BC.

Nazca Lines Are Best Seen From Above

Bird-like Nazca LinesLike other animal geoglyphs such as the killer whale, hummingbird, and monkey, the cat is so big that it’s better seen from above. The lines that depict the feline as between 12 and 16 inches wide, while the entire “drawing” is approximately 121 feet long.

The cat’s style shows that the geoglyph was created in the Late Paracas period, which predated the Nazca culture. The feline is similar to depictions of cats found on ceramics and textiles made by the Paracas civilization.

New Geoglyphs Are Being Found Periodically

Monkey-like Nazca LinesThe Nazca Lines are classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The majority of the known geoglyphs were made between 200 BC and 500 AD. There are also older lines, which were made from piled stones that date as far as 500 BC.

In recent years, archaeologists have uncovered between 80 and 100 hidden geoglyphs in the Palpa and Nazca valleys. The “drawings” are thought to predate the Nazca culture as they are smaller in sizes and are often found on hillsides.

The cat geoglyph is yet another evidence that the Peruvian desert has many more secrets waiting to be found.