3 Of The Strangest Conspiracies About The Titanic

Many of us have read about the Titanic, or even watched the 1997 Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio movie, so we know what happened to the infamous ship… Right? Well, not necessarily. Some people believe that what we know about the Titanic isn’t real at all. Here are some of the strangest conspiracies about the boat.

Sister Ship

One of the most popular conspiracy theories is that the Titanic never sunk at all, and that it was the sister ship called the Olympic. This other White Star Line Vessels ship was almost identical to the Titanic and had already suffered previous damage during its maiden voyage the year before. It’s thought that sinking the ship would cover the costs in an insurance scam. Considering the Olympic was apparently dismantled soon after its crash, with no trace to be found, this conspiracy is certainly an interesting one.

Cursed By A Mummy

Another conspiracy theory is that the Titanic was carrying a rather unusual passenger; an Egyptian mummy from the British Museum. This mummified princess was apparently cursed and causing havoc wherever it went, which meant the museum wanted to ship it out of the country. Could it have been the mummy’s curse that led the ship to sink?

Under Attack

One other theory is that the ship didn’t hit an iceberg, but actually came under attack by a German U-boat. Several survivors of the tragedy said that there was an unidentified vessel in the water before it went down. Others said they saw lights in the distance and even heard explosions. Was the sinking of the Titanic actually a coordinated attack by the Germans?

There are countless theories out there about what actually happened to the Titanic on its maiden voyage, although many of them have some serious flaws. Still, it’s always interesting to wonder ‘what if.’