5 Most Credible UFO Sightings In History

UFOs are by far the most fascinating modern mystery that humans couldn’t explain to this day. It’s only plausible that earth is not the only planet in the gigantic universe having intelligent life forms.

The concept of UFO is not a new one – it has been a part of modern-day science fiction for about a hundred years.  The first credible recorded incident of UFO sighting is dated back to 1947 when a civilian pilot named Kenneth Arnold noticed the infamous pack of flying saucers in Washington.

But we want to talk about the most credible incidents that authorities can’t explain in any way.

Let’s check them out –

The Lubbock Lights, 1951

At the beginning of the 1950s, the hype about UFOs peaked in the US. Arnold’s flying saucer and Roswell incident had a strong media presence.

During that period, three professors of Texas Tech witnessed a strange semi-circle light specs in the sky. They named them Lubbock Lights. Dozens of reports over the next few days also agree with the professors.

5 Most Credible UFO Sightings In History

A freshman student even snapped a photo of the lights! The world finally had an image of UFO. US Air Force Says that they weren’t UFOs but birds flying in formation, which is a terrible explanation!

1976 Tehran UFO Incident

Citizens of Tehran, the capital of Iran, witnessed a strange light in the sky on September 19, 1976. After getting dozens of reports, authorities sent an F-4 fighter jet to investigate the object.

Upon reaching the object, the control system of the jet malfunction and it returned to base.

A second F-4 was sent to complete the mission. This time, the pilot locked the object on radar. But the object shot a strange light back to the plane as he planned to attack the object, his plane malfunction too just like the first F-4.

5 Most Credible UFO Sightings In History

Later, the Irani government sought help from the US with the investigation. The US Air Force gave silly explanations like the object was Jupiter, and the planes were faulty!


The Belgium Wave of 1989-90

The Belgium Wave is certainly the biggest event regarding UFO sighting – about 13,500 people witnessed this anomaly. In 1989, the citizens of Belgium saw a large triangular object hovering above. Sadly, there is no proven evidence of this one.

5 Most Credible UFO Sightings In History

Later, in the following year, multiple numbers of similar triangular objects were seen. This time, authorities sent two F-16 jets to investigate. The moment the pilots got near the objects, the UFO moved away at a staggering speed, and the pilots lost them. F-16 fighter jets were one of the fastest jets of that time.

O’Hare International Airport Saucer (2006)

This is one of the modern UFO sightings. On November 7, 2006, 12 United Airlines employees saw a strange metallic object hovering over gate C17. The UFO stayed like that for about minutes and then went straight up, creating a hole in the clouds.

5 Most Credible UFO Sightings In History

Sadly, even after all these pieces of evidence, FAA labeled the incident as a “weather phenomenon!”    

East Coast Tic Tac UFO

The leaked video of 2017 that shows classified radar footage where F/A-18 Super Hornet and a UFO. This video is by far the most credible evidence of UFO sighting.

5 Most Credible UFO Sightings In History

F/A-18 Super Hornet pilot followed the UFO 25,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. But the object flew away and continuously rotated on-axis.

The US authorities never gave any explanation of this incident, either.