The Parallels Between Diana’s Interview in 1995 and Harry and Meghan’s Tell-All

The Royal family has always been a source of intrigue and mystery. But there are few instances in history where the curtains fell and reality was showcased. The decision of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle to do a tell-all interview with TV host, Oprah Winfrey, was one such moment. According to Harry, this interview has many parallels to the one his mother, the late Princess Diana, gave almost 25 years ago. Read on to know more about the historic interview and its far-reaching impact.

Diana’s interview

Princess Diana’s interview came as an answer to her estranged husband Prince Charles’s televised confession of indefinitely. Charles’s confession not only made her pain public but also made her a subject of ridicule. Diana quickly took matters into her own hands and arranged an interview with BBC’s Panorama show without informing the Queen. The interview with Oprah was also done using the same tactic. During Diana’s 1995 interview, she spoke about how she had already known about her husband’s affair. She also suggested that she was married to a man not fit to be a king, and how the struggles and pressure of being a public figure had led her down the road to attempted self-harm.

The Consequences

Diana’s interview resulted in the Queen ordering Charles and Diana to get divorced. This resulted in Diana no longer having her title and losing the security that came with it. She died in a car crash two years later due to a relentless pursuit by the paparazzi. However, the interview also opened the doors for her voice to be heard throughout the world, and it seems her son and his wife have followed in her footsteps by walking away from the royal family and letting the world know their side of the story.