Odd Seafloor Circle Appearing on Google Earth Is Probably Not a UFO

The recent sighting of an odd, circular shape on the seafloor along the coast of Peru has raised the excitement amongst UFO enthusiasts. But according to the scientists, it’s probably not the aliens who are responsible for this unnatural occurrence. Read on to know about the reality behind this mystery.

The Sighting

UFO enthusiast Scott Waring, who is also the proprietor of UFOsightingsdaily.com, has located the shape on Google Earth. The location of the circular shape is off the coast near Nazca Lines in Lima, Peru. Nazca Lines is a striking site filled with a series of gigantic geoglyphs built almost 2000 years ago by the ancient Nazca people. These lines are already a common fixation for alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists. Waring found a circular shape here, around 6.8 km or 4.2 miles in diameter. The shape is visible about 566 km or 352 miles off the coast. It appears to rise from the floor of the sea like an underwater hill.

The Real Possibility

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), odd ocean floor shapes appearing on Google Earth is nothing new. According to them, the UFO-like circular shape is most probably nothing but a data artifact. To map out the seafloor, the company uses data collected from multiple sources. All these data sources have different levels of detail or resolutions. As a result, strange shapes may appear sometimes when these different data sources are stitched together to form a map. Also, Google developers use ship-based sonar surveys to collect more accurate data for more detailed mapping. Notably, this particular seafloor circle in question sits right in the middle of a transect line, which indicates the passing of a shipboard sonar survey. So, the shape may be nothing but a side effect of stitching together multiple sonar survey lines or sonic data sources.