What Treasures Could Be Hiding In Oak Island?

Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, has been the subject of much speculation over the years. For over two centuries, countless people have tried to discover what might lie underneath the 140-acre piece of land. There’s even a documentary on the History Channel about it! So, what could be lurking underneath the surface of this mysterious island? Here are some theories.

Pirate Treasure

The most popular Oak Island theory is that this island was used by pirates in the 17th Century as a place to hide treasure. Local legend says that Captain Kidd buried over $2.5 million worth of gold and money on the island and a stone with the inscription “Forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried,” was found in the 19th Century by treasure hunters. Could it really be pirate treasure?

Shakespeare’s Work

This one is a bit of an odd one, but it’s thought that Shakespeare was actually Sir Francis Bacon, who was an author in the 16th Century. It’s believed that the original manuscripts to some of Shakespeare’s most famous works are located in the ‘Money Pit’ in Oak Island. A piece of parchment paper was found in the pit and this started the rumor as to what lay beneath.

Marie Antionette’s Jewels

It’s believed that Marie Antionette asked her lady-in-waiting to take her jewels and flee with them during the French Revolution – and these jewels have been missing ever since. Some people believe the lady-in-waiting took them all the way to Nova Scotia to bury them on Oak Island, with the help of the French Navy.

There are so many other theories as to what could be hidden on Oak Island, from The Holy Grail through to a sunken Viking Ship. Will the truth ever come out? After over 200 years, it’s unlikely anyone will ever find the truth of what lurks beneath…