Bid High and Purchase a Soul in the Cryptocurrency-NFT Market

Do you remember the episode from The Simpsons titled ‘Bart Sells His Soul’? In that episode, Bart, who doesn’t believe in the concept of soul, sells his soul to Milhouse for a price of $5. It seems that once again The Simpsons have predicted the future! Because, in the current world of cryptocurrency, we’ve officially entered the ‘soul-selling’ phase, where a human soul is up for sale as an NFT or non-fungible token.

The Soul

21-year-old Dutch student, Stijn van Schaik, has listed his soul for sale as an NFT. According to Crypto Insiders, this Hague Art Academy student has put the entity of his soul as a digital artwork on the NFT market. In case you’re looking for a replacement or backup soul in the market, you can purchase it on OpenSea. There it is listed under the name Soul of Stinus. In an intriguing subject line, Van Schaik has informed that the digital artwork is a soul, which belongs to him for now. But once it gets uploaded fully to the blockchain, more possibilities will open for it. He also pondered the question of the meaning and impact of a “decentralized soul.”

NFT and Ownership

In the crypto-world, NFTs are a divisive art form that represents a unique digital object, owned by only one person. You can purchase the entire entity by paying currency, much like copyright. But here, it can be duplicated also. Now, what will happen if multiple people decide to duplicate a single soul NFT? It seems that Van Schaik is on the verge of creating the first-ever digital Horcrux! The new owner of Van Schaik’s soul is free to sell it on ahead just like in The Simpsons, where Milhouse sold Bart’s soul to the Comic Book Guy. So far, Van Schaik’s soul NFT has received only one bid for $378 in cryptocurrency. Do you wanna be next?