Technology in Sci-Fi Movies That Became Part of Our World

Sci-Fi City Landscape Night SkyNot all sci-fi movies are the same. Some are (mildly said) ridiculous while others depict a realistic future that provokes the imagination. Regardless of their quality and cinematic value, both types have something in common. They introduce technology that mankind could potentially use in the years to come. Here are several predictions that came true.

Space Traveling

A Trip to the Moon - 1902 French Film
The first motion picture to depict space travel was “Le Voyage Dans La Lune” by French filmmaker Georges Méliès. The film was created barely a decade after the invention of the movie camera and three years prior to the opening of the first cinema. While the 13-minute film isn’t the most elaborate sci-fi movie to be made, it certainly paved the way for mankind to reach the moon.

Robots in Sci-Fi Movies

Metrópolis - 1927 FilmMetropolis is a 1927 movie that is adored by sci-fi aficionados. Compared with its modern counterparts, the film isn’t easy to watch. It’s silent, black-and-white, and runs for well over 120 minutes. It was the first cinematic production to depict robots. Nowadays, numerous companies are manufacturing a wide variety of robots, including realist androids such as Erica or Kodomoroid.

Video Calling  & Tablets

2001: A Space Odyssey - The 1st TabletStanley Kubrick’s 1968 “2001: A Space Odyssey” made several predictions that became an integral part of our world, from tablet computers to space tourism to the ubiquity of credit cards. However, video calling is arguably the most complex piece of technology to be presented in the movie. Today, we use smartphones or tablets and apps such as FaceTime, Viber, and Skype to make video calls whenever we want.

Mobile Phones

Star Trek Flip PhoneIt’s safe to say that the 1966 “Star Trek” TV series invented the mobile phone. The show aired for three years and introduced a myriad of sci-fi gadgets to its viewers. It also inspired Motorola engineer Martin Cooper to design and create the world’s first mobile phone.

There is plenty of technology that is still part of the sci-fi world that will sooner or later become reality.