A Recent Ranking Shows That People Are Using Really Unsafe Passwords

Why do people use passwords for private files, bank accounts, or any other type of account on the Internet or their computers? It’s to keep the information secure from prying eyes. But keeping something safe requires a passcode that won’t be cracked easily by hackers, right? Specific research found that people are using ridiculous security codes to try and keep information safe – and that won’t work too well!

A Recent Ranking Shows That People Are Using Really Unsafe PasswordsUnsafe Passwords

Cybersecurity experts at NordPass did a thorough analysis by sifting through three terabytes of data regarding cybersecurity incidents, and the results were laughable. It turns out that people have been using absurd passcodes to keep data safe. Some that came up highest in the ranking include password, guest, 123456, 12345, and a1b2c3. These were commonly used among the public, and experts are shocked!

Using Names as Passcodes

Instead of going for numbers or the first letters that appear on almost every keyboard, some choose common names as passwords. That also proves ineffective if you want to keep private data from tech-savvy hackers. Some of the most common were Jordan, Thomas, Daniel, Marina, and Jessica. Those are beautiful names but are easily cracked, and those who seek to exploit personal information can reach right through your security!

Unsafe Passcodes in the USA

Experts at NordPass also analyzed routine security codes used specifically in the USA, and they were just as regrettable as the ones used by the commonwealth of the United Kingdom. Some of them were password1, 1234, abc123, 12345678, and one that’s used by everyone – guest. All of them are just as ridiculous and just as unsafe for users.

People need to learn to be smarter when creating their passwords. Sure, everyone wants something that will be easy to remember and simple to use, but since it’s easy for you to use – it will also be easy for anyone else. That means your data will not be as protected. Be savvy and write everything down if necessary but think of safer, uncrackable passcodes!