An Entrepreneur Shows What Happened to Her Phone When She Went Viral

After making $1 million in just eight minutes, one woman showed everyone exactly what happens to your phone when you go viral. Mariee Revere, an entrepreneur, established a company that sells vegan-friendly beauty products, and in doing so, paved the way for the rapid accumulation of one million dollars in a matter of minutes.

An Entrepreneur Shows What Happened to Her Phone When She Went ViralMariee Revere Went Viral

The money didn’t start coming in right away; rather, it took a significant amount of effort on her part before she was able to reach this point. The story of her “overnight success” was years in the making, but the moment when she made $1 million in eight minutes ended up being the icing on the cake. This is pretty much the case with almost every “overnight success” story that goes viral.

People now have a small taste of what it must be like to have something go viral and let us tell you, it’s quite an experience. This is a nice bonus. She demonstrated how her phone was practically being assaulted by a continuous barrage of bleeps and bells as she was inundated with alerts from all of the people who were making purchases at the same time.

The notifications are arriving so rapidly that their sounds are canceling each other out, and the phone was on the verge of exploding as a result of the overwhelming number of incoming messages. When she holds up her phone in front of the camera, people can see the vast number of notifications that are sweeping across the screen. It is difficult to comprehend just how nonstop the noise is.

$1 Million in Eight Seconds?

Every notification and sound is indicative of someone else somewhere in the world, serving as a stark reminder of just how many people use the Internet. Many different things can drain our phone battery, but nothing drains power as quickly as nonstop screams and vibrations. Being able to reach people worldwide and get unbelievable results is a testament to the power of the Internet. Someone can become a millionaire in a matter of minutes!

People can go viral for a variety of reasons, from making a million dollars in a matter of minutes to expressing their love for a beloved actor. Whatever the motivation, everyone who does so will experience one thing in common with the rest: their phone will blow up as it appears that the entire Internet gathers to watch what is happening.